Coral sports

feature mapping workshop


The Problem:

– Too many local features without understanding holistic impact  –

Coral Sportsbook product was being bombarded with numerous ideas for features from different parts of the business.

We were in danger of applying features in sections without looking at the whole product, journey and user experience from a holistic perspective. This was leading to conflicts in interaction, functionality and UI and UX.

The Challenge:

– Run workshop to help stakeholders understand holistic picture –

I decided to run a workshop to resolve this issue. The goal of the workshop was to help stakeholders visualise sportsbet journeys and experiences and then generate feature ideas for different stages of the user journey. 

I wanted everyone to think about features from a global perspective and not just local specific sections.

The Solution:

– Ideate & brainstorm features to adapt to an Experience Map –

We had an existing experience map for a football sports bet journeys. I adapted the map so it focused on behaviours and emotions, interactions and goals.

With this diagram we had had a more holistic view, providing visibility of each stage and how it associated or conflicted with other elements. 

During the workshop we displayed all the stages and details on a wall. We then ran a basic affinity mapping session to ideate features and group them into categories of global, multi-level or single use features. Everyone was asked to stick the feature idea postits to where they felt each most appropriately fitted within the journey, whilst taking in to consideration the experience map.

–   Here are some of the small features we worked on from the output of the workshops   –



– Creating excitement and feeling of freedom –

One of the outcomes from the workshop was to allow users more customisable bets. We wanted a feature that fitted within the before and during stages from the experience map. A feature which made the player more excited and provided a feeling of freedom.

We came up with a feature called “Ask The Bookies”. This feature allowed registered users to select multiple odds from different selections to create their own bet and Coral would then provide odds.



– Quicker bet selections with Tops Bets and social proofing to provide confidence  –

We wanted to design a feature which allowed users to access a selection of top bets depending on there choice through a journey. I reworked the existing layout and UX to cater for this type of section. The top bets would be accessible at the Before bet and during bet stages for up sell opportunities.

We also implemented social proofing on bets to provide the user with statistical evidence and confidence on bets.


Boost Bet


– Providing information visibilty at the right stages –

We needed to apply visibilty for when users accumulated more than a few bets. We had to look at the different areas in which to place the notifications to provide information and validations markers throughout the journeys.

During the workshop it was clear to allow notification at betslip screen without conflicting with other notifications. These notifications, implemented at correct stages create up sell opportunities and most importantly provide information to allow users the opportunity to “upgrade” their bets.

Cash Out Over the Top Widget


– Quick access to bets whilst keeping Coral front of mind –

From the experience map we learnt that after placing a bet, users will potentially leave the app to do other things. We wanted to provide users with a quick access to cash out bets without having to access the full app again.

We came up with a feature similar to the Facebook messenger widget as an access point.  Users would have an accessible floating icon to tap and quickly access content. This in turn keeps our Coral product front of mind for users when they are using their phones, as the floating icon would sit on top of all other apps in a non disruptive position.